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@SergioRamos: “Friends: I congratulate you all for the Prince of Asturias award the national team receives this afternoon. Because it’s a prize for everyone…champions of the world. Enjoy, as I also intend to do. A big hug for everyone…”

@SergioRamos: “Friends: I congratulate you all for the Prince of Asturias award the national team receives this afternoon. Because it’s a prize for everyone…champions of the world. Enjoy, as I also intend to do. A big hug for everyone…”

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Sergio Ramos: “Tell in Andalucian to see if you understand”

During the press conference today Sergio has stirred up some drama. A reporter asked Pique to answer a question in Catalan, and after Pique replied in Catalan he asked whether he needs to answer in Spanish as well and then Sergio has said:

In Andalucian, say it in Andalucian, to see if you understand, to those who can’t understand Spanish”. 

If you check out the video from here you can see that Sergio is quite serious when he says it. 

But then he said he didn’t mean anything and it was a joke via his twitter with a smiley picture of him and Pique.

He said via twitter: “I have no problem with the Catalans and the Catalan, the plan today was a joke.. I might have been a little serious, but did not mean anything. Here I send a picture so you know Gerard is a good vibe (?)… hug to all”

On another note this is the second time Pique’s picture was posted on twitter by a teammate, first it was Cesc who posted a picture with him and now it’s Sergio. I wonder what he’ll say about privacy issues this time! Remember what he said the last time?

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Twitter: A shower of twitpics

So finally our dreams are coming true, the boys seem to be in a very generous mood awarding us a lot of pictures! well no complains there.

First they tweeted from la bombonera

@aarbeloa17 said: “Ready to train at the Bombonera. With @ XabiAlonso here 12 Boca :D” 

Cescky took a picture with Iniesta and said: “Here with @ andresiniesta8 before training at the stadium in La Bombonera, a great experience!”

Sergio was a little selfish and posted a picture of just him. but hey i’m not complaining, this is much better than the state he was in (im talking about not tweeting much). He said: “Here I leave the photo in the sweet box with the 12 and goodnight kisses”

and now their tweeting from the Monumental de River. 

@SergioRamos said: “Today I command the field of river which is where we train now.. besos”

So Sergio with the same pose, what do you think? i think it getting a little boring now!

Cesc posted a picture of himself, maybe nobody agreed to pose with him? Or is he influenced by Sergio? I wonder where Pique was? Maybe he’s the one who took the picture, eh?
@cesc4official said: “In the River plate monumental. Awesome!”

@aarbeloa17 said he’ll tweet a picture soon. So await mi amigos! 

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Twitter: Trivia & Photos

Firstly before yesterdays game Mata wished his teammates: “Let’s go Spain! A good start to the qualifiers…. Good luck!”

Then after the game Arbeloa tweeted: “On the bus to Zurich after a big win. Ready to beat @XabiAlonso at trivia on the way. A question: how many goals has villa scored? :P”

To which Xabi Replied:

Classy man is unbeaten in trivia!!

Then a birthday wish to Albiol from Arbeloa and after some blaming on twitter distractions for losing in trivia, Xabi tweeted his first photo…proof that he beat Arbeloa in trivia.

so this is fun and all but we want to see their faces, adorkable poses, and thumbs up/peace/whatnot signs, am I right?

Then Arbeloa said he won in trivia, but we only have his words on this so.

However cescky is fitting well into twitter. He tweeted his second photo with his BFF Pique and said: ”Here I am with Pique on the plane! Yesterday’s game was great! Here we go to Argentina!”

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Twitter: Cescky is the new boy

Arbeloa officially welcomed “Cescky” to twitter to which Cescky replied:

Translation: Thank you very much dude! Let’s see what I’ve gotten myself into ;)

[sidenote: I LOVE that wink ;)]

then Cesc asked his followers what they think about the game against Liechtenstein (trying to be interactive I see) and I’m saying this again but I absolutely love how he’s tweeting in English, Spanish and Catalan. Maybe Sergio and Puyi should learn from him. Talking about Sergio he’s hasn’t been in action on twitter lately, hopefully spending time with La Roja will change that. (fingers crossed for more personal pictures) and Puyi tweeted;

Translation: Recovering in the club, getting a little better each day, I expect to be 100x100 ready. greetings. 

Get well soon Puyi!!

after “checking twitter” for a few weeks, looks like Xabi finally finished checking and now finally tweeting! (sidenote: We were shocked too Xabi)

Mata tweeted that they’ll be playing against Holand in Alcoy at 8.45pm. He said “we have to win!!”

Good luck to the U-21 Spain boys!

I love how one by one the players we didn’t expect would ever be on twitter are joining it now. I’m sure there’s more to come. Can you imagine the day when all the Spain NT boys are on twitter? let’s not be scared to dream a little bigger now.

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