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Sergio Ramos: “I apologize to all the kids who took a wrong image of me the other day.”

Although originally it was scheduled that Iker Casillas would attend the press conference after training, Sergio Ramos asked permission from the club to appear before the media to show his face and apologize.

"We must recognize that Barca had a great game, we must congratulate them because they all came out well and we had one of those rare days when nothing comes out right.

It was a decision made by the club not to speak in a time of heat. It was decided that only Valdano, Mou and Xabi spoke.

I made a mistake with the tackle on Messi but I didn’t intend to harm him. It’s exaggerated a lot, I’m not proud of what I did. I never go on to the pitch with the intent to harm the players of my team or the opposing team.

You can be enjoying and the next time you can be mourning. The next day I called Puyol and Xavi and apologized, I had an ugly gesture on them.

I apologize to all the kids who took a wrong picture of me the other day because we are a reference to them.

We are on the sidelines of this issue (UEFA’s punishment), I think the club has the right to appeal.

Xavi deserves the Ballon d’Or, he has spent years proving it.” 

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Xavi: “It’s a special day for Barcelona”

Xavi attended a press conference this morning still happy from last nights victory. 

“I’m delighted to have made the Barça family happy. When you win in this way, you can have trouble sleeping. You wake up happy and you are elated. It is a special day for Barcelona.”

“We were the better side on the pitch from the first to last minute. It was a historic result, but especially because of such superiority. Although the result was more or less the same, we played even better last night … It was one of the best games of my life. We have done better in other games, but probably never in one quite so important”. 

“In the build-up to the match we just wanted to ignore all the noise being made, we just wanted to do our talking on the pitch. Barça were vastly superior. In every way, every facet, we were better”

"Ramos never came to apologize with Messi, but that’s normal. I guess the superiority we showed really pissed him off."

"What happened between Cristiano and Pep are things that happen on the pitch. Just like Piqué was greeting the public. You can’t do anything, everything is a provocation. To me, these things are nonsense."

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Del Bosque: “Our subconscious has betrayed us upon thinking there is nothing at stake”

"Today we haven’t been well in the pitch or even in the bench. We were not organized and that has made Portugal to clearly pass us. The opposite put a great effort to play against Spain. For us, it was difficult to recreate the World Cup in their homeside.”

"We had good intentions but the reality was seen on the bench and in the field. We came out with enthusiasm but our subconscious has betrayed us upon thinking there is nothing at stake.” 

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Press conference in Portugal

2010 ends… there is no better way to finish it …

Del Bosque: Yesterday, Blatter said in his speech that we have acquired a great responsibility after the World Cup. We should not recreate the past. We will seek further success. Let us not forget the past, but we should not be confused either.

What do you think about Llorente?

IkerHe brings qualities to the team that no one else can. We all remember the World Cup match against Portugal. The game was close, he came off the bench, and the match was revolutionised.

Del Bosque: At this time, since that World Cup knockout match, Llorente has had a greater progression. That day was very important for our team. Now it is in the past and well regarded and each day he has risen his game.

How is Xavi?
Del Bosque: He is well, and happy, and will play his 99th game. We have no set idea for Xavi when to stop but we will not go against his physical.

The greatest danger for tomorrow?
Marchena: There is no relaxation on our part, that would be disrespectful to the fans. We have a great potential, there are players of great quality, and therefore we are safe.

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Del Bosque: “This game has a very special significance”

Javi and Mata are back to the Selection. Is it a timely event?

This last game is very important, also for the public recognition they will see the World Champions and just under a month away from the decision to choose the hosts for the 2018 World Cup finals, are the 23 who have worked hard in achieving this title.

As for Xavi, you’ve talked to doctors at FC Barcelona. Is there any intention to play him?
As always, Xavi has shown his total availability to come with us. To doubt his commitment isn’t correct, we will attempt to play according to what is convenient.

The game celebrates the centenary of the Portuguese Selection. What’s the spirit of this game? 

It is a match between two countries who are brothers. The Portuguese team is a magnificent selection, with players of the very highest level. It’s a nice game, with few differences. We must be hopeful.

Seven Spaniards among the Candidates of the Ballon d’Or 2010. Perhaps it could be a good year for Casillas to recieve it? 
I chose Xavi because the Ballon d’Or should be awarded to a player by line. Would be more fair.

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Pedro: “I’m in good form right now”

“I’m happy to have scored in the league – it was about time!”

“it was about time I got a goal in the league. I’m happy because we played well as a team and I felt fine out on the pitch. I demand of myself that I take part and work hard in training to ensure I’m in the starting line up and help the team. I like scoring and I think I’m in good form right now”

Hard work: “The goals come, sooner or later. I got a lot last year, but I’ve not been so lucky in front of goal so far this season. However, I’m working hard and I’m not worried. The important thing is hard work and that the team is winning”

Best football: “We put in a great first half in Getafe and when we play like that it’s hard to beat us. I think we are the team who are playing the best football. We are better than we were a few months ago. We’ve got our form back, we’re playing well and that is the road we have to take”. 

Four before el clasico: “It’s a very important game, we are all aware of that, but we have four games to go before that and we have to deal with them. I think to say that that game could decide the game is a little too early. All the games we have are tough, though it’s true that both of us seem to be dropping very few points”.

Messi: “apart from all the magic he shows on the pitch that makes him the best in the world, works hard and with his pressing he helps us all. He’s at a really high level, like he always is. It’s hard to find the words to describe how good he is”.  

Villa: “he brings hard work and he’s got great movement. He‘s fit in really well and I’m sure he’ll keep on scoring”.

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Villa: “The most important thing is for Barça to get goals, not me”

Team over personal stats: Barça did not sign me to be the top scorer, but to help make Barça betterThe important thing is that Barcelona score goals, not me. We are a team, and it is all about the club winning.

Ambitious: "Nothing I do is enough. I scored two goals the other day but I’d liked it to have been three or four. The team won 5-0, but I’d have preferred it to have been 6-0 o 7-0. I always want more, but I’m happy enough with the job I’m doing so far."

Defending on the wing: “I feel good in all positions. The coach gives us instructions so the players on the field are in no doubt as to their role. My role has been made clear by Guardiola and del Bosque and the team-mates that I have had.”

Not tired: “We all had a tough, demanding game the other day, but it ended well against Copenhagen and I hit the post. We’re not lacking freshness. Although we didn’t have a preseason like other years, I don’t think we’re really noticing that right now”.

Chasing Real Madrid: “First we have to beat Getafe, because all our rivals are winning at the moment and there is still one team above us. Of course, if we beat Madrid we gain three points on them, but who’s to say we can’t make up those points in other matches?”

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Casillas: “It’s always special to play against Atletico Madrid”

On the derby: “We hope to maintain the good streak we have against Atletico. It’s important for us to earn a victory that gives us three more points and allows us to stay at the top. It is always nice to play against Atletico. We feel something special in a derby. I’m from Madrid, so I know what it means. You can feel it in the streets. Atletico look forward to defeating us, but we hope to maintain the good streak we have against them.”

"I expect Atletico to try to earn a positive result at the Bernabeu. They have great players like Aguero, Forlan, Simao… Atletico are a great team and their best men always pull rank in important situations. It will be a beautiful match."

On De Gea: “He is making wonderful progress. More will be demanded of him this year, but he is doing a great job. He is playing at a high level, so any mistakes he makes will be carefully scrutinised. I think we can all relax because he is very good. I believe he will do very well at Atletico and also on the Spanish national team.”

On el clásicoel clásico is one month away.  Both teams will have complicated games leading up to it. A clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid creates great media frenzy, but we have to play other games that are equally important to us. We hope to still be leaders by the time we play at the Camp Nou, but anything can happen.”

Note: Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid will take place on Sunday (Nov 7) at 9 pm (Spanish time).

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Iker Casillas: “Ronaldiho’s best years were probably those at Barcelona”

"Ronaldiho’s best years were probably those at Barcelona. Everyone feared him, including me. But he nevertheless always wants to play well against Real Madrid. Facing us always motivates players, as much as it motivates us to face Milan.”

"One never gets tired of breaking records, but they also make you realise how old you’re getting. I am very happy because Real Madrid have given me the chance to play 104 Champions League games. I used to think it was something very hard to do. It doesn’t look that way any more, but it has been a long road to get here."

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Press conference in Scotland

The day of the final in Glasgow in 2002 was a key moment in your career?
Casillas: I think I’ve said it many times. I replaced Cesar in the team and I was able to play 25 minutes. I was 21, and was lucky that everything went well. Then, for the [2002] World Cup, Santi Canizares also suffered an injury and that allowed me to be a starter in South Korea and Japan. It was a turning point in my career, so what happened in Scotland and later in the national team, was fortunate for me. 

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Aduriz: “We must try to score the necessary points as soon as possible”

Aritz Aduriz and Santi Cazorla appeared before the media at Soccer City, hours before leaving for Scotland. Both emphasized the strength of the rival and the importance of getting three points.

What kind of difficulties will you expect in Tuesday’s game?
Santi Cazorla: It will be a tough game. Physically it will be hard and we go with the intention of getting the three points that bring us closer to the classification.

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Del Bosque: “I don’t think we should look for another Xavi, which is impossible”

 What are your memories of 1978 when you played in Salamanca with Spain as captain?
thirty-two years has been passed. We won five to zero to Cyprus and was a beautiful day, we shared with players who were there several years together. There was our current president. They are distant memories. I remember some classmates but little else.

Can you feel the drop of Xavi? How was the conversation with him?
He was sincere. We knew about his problems from a while ago. I don’t think we should focus particularly in the Mexico game.There he played twenty five minutes. His injury was even before that. He told me the other day in Kazan he was about to request the change. In the climate of confidence that we have taken the best decision for him. His value is unquestionable, because he is one of our best players and we will try to notice his absence as little as possible.

Who is the substitution for Xavi? Is it good for Villa to move out of the area?
Villa is a player who is not hurt by playing well for Barcelona and his coach will handle this position he has created. As for Xavi, I don’t think we should look for another Xavi, which is impossible. Among the alternatives we have, we look for the best to go any better. Iniesta could be one solution, also Silva, Borja Valero, … We have alternatives. I don’t think that Andres will be hurt by this. He played the entire World Cup and has passed into history. Surely, he has his ideal place and we will try to give it to him.

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Sergio: “The aim is six points against Lithuania and Scotland”

After arriving in Salamanca, Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique appeared at a press conference. Sergio said the match will be very special because its been five years since he debuted with the selection. Pique talked about the injury that kept Xavi away from the pitch. 

You debuted in Salamanca and already surpassed Butragueño as an international. How do you feel?
Sergio: A personal tremendous joy, because seems like it was yesterday and five years has been passed since my debut, when I debuted against China. Returning here brings you nice memories. Addressing the first game against Lithuania is always an extra of motivation. Besides, to surpass Butragueño is for me a pride, pride that people with that name be in my club. It is somewhat special.

Do you feel the selection will drop without Xavi?
Piqué: When it lacks a player like Xavi it’s not the same. He contributes, his qualities, are irreplaceable, but there are a lot of quality players who can replace him: Iniesta, Busquets, Alonso,… will do equally well, although we miss Xavi.

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Llorente: “Lithuania will be a tough opponent”

Carlos Marchena and Fernando Llorente both have stressed the importance of the matches against Lithuania and Scotland in the pre-match press conference on Wednesday. 

Back to work after the winning streak and defeat against Argentina…

Marchena: the streak is an anecdote. We are in the dynamic to win and make a good squad. I hope all goes well in these two games.

It is noted that you are an important part of the match, the players that are heavily involved in the work…

Llorente: I think they are two very important games. Lithuania is a rival that will close a lot and we must be attentive, because they can be dangerous on the counterattack.

The training with del Bosque has been intense and in a strong pace…

Marchena: he has emphasized the importance of these two games. He doesn’t want to miss the chance to win and not lose points. He wants us to be good and thinking about the games, to concentrate, because they can give us the option of beginning well in the group.

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