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DT interview: “Víctor Valdés, Unstoppable”

He spent almost 10 years in Barcelona before becoming the first team goalkeeper. And more time to shine among the stars. Now, he is one of the greats. In this session for DT he shows a face that has nothing to do with the legend that follows him. Discover the real Victor Valdes. 

If you pay attention to the rumors, Víctor Valdés (Hospitalet of Llobregat, 1982), the Barcelona goalkeeper is a rare type, prone to getting into fights and generally quite unpleasant. That is the impression conveyed by his piercing gaze and some urban legends that circulate on his life. But none of that is true, unless Barca goalkeeper has a double who arrive on time to shoot, waving graciously to those who are waiting expectantly and sincerely, without worrying about being right or wrong. So much so that at the end of the interview there is the feeling of being with someone who we would like… even the fans of Real Madrid.  

In “Murder in the first”, one of your favorite movies, a prisoner tries to escape from Alcatraz, but fails. As the punishment, he has to stay at the prison for several more years. A similar thing happened to you with the goal of Barça? 
Not exactly. There’s is no point of comparing the story of a prisoner who can’t find freedom and a child who wants to achieve a dream, although sometimes it’s doubtful. 

But you also wanted to escape from football, when you were 18 years old, you told your family that being a goalkeeper was destroying you and you wanted to live another life. 
Yes, it’s true. At 18 I was presented with another road. But thanks to therapy that followed and the support of my family, I changed my mind. And thank goodness I took that decision… 

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