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Injury report: Sergio Ramos out for three weeks

Sergio is unlikely to play again this year due to a knee injury. After undergoing tests today, he was diagnosed as having sprained a ligament in his right knee. He will be out for two-three weeks, missing Real Madrid’s final three competitive matches of 2010 - the Primera Division matches against Real Zaragoza and his former club Sevilla, as well as the first leg of their Copa del Rey last-16 tie with Levante.

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The Andalusian boys honored

Seville Football Federation honored the World Champions Sergio Ramos, Jesus Navas and Carlos Marchena (who couldn’t attend due to club commitments), by awarding them with a trophy and certificate each for fair play and World Cup achievements on Wednesday in Camas. During the ceremony Sergio was also named the favorite son of Camas.

Sergio Ramos: "I feel very proud. It’s always nice to come home and be with my family and friends and to receive an award like this is a huge honor which fills me with great pride. This is the place where I was born and grew up, I have lived through great moments and it’s great to be with my people and to see everybody happy and smiling, for me that’s priceless.”

Ironically, Sergio received the “fair play” award only 48 hours after this behavior, fresh from certain misconducts and totaling 10 red cards in 175 games. In the federations defense the ceremony was organized before any of these incidents took place and to recognize the players’ achievements in South Africa. 

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Sergio Ramos: “I apologize to all the kids who took a wrong image of me the other day.”

Although originally it was scheduled that Iker Casillas would attend the press conference after training, Sergio Ramos asked permission from the club to appear before the media to show his face and apologize.

"We must recognize that Barca had a great game, we must congratulate them because they all came out well and we had one of those rare days when nothing comes out right.

It was a decision made by the club not to speak in a time of heat. It was decided that only Valdano, Mou and Xabi spoke.

I made a mistake with the tackle on Messi but I didn’t intend to harm him. It’s exaggerated a lot, I’m not proud of what I did. I never go on to the pitch with the intent to harm the players of my team or the opposing team.

You can be enjoying and the next time you can be mourning. The next day I called Puyol and Xavi and apologized, I had an ugly gesture on them.

I apologize to all the kids who took a wrong picture of me the other day because we are a reference to them.

We are on the sidelines of this issue (UEFA’s punishment), I think the club has the right to appeal.

Xavi deserves the Ballon d’Or, he has spent years proving it.” 

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UEFA takes disciplinary action against Real Madrid

UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body has issued several fines and suspensions for Real Madrid coach Mourinho and players involved in the staging and deliberately receiving red cards during the Champions League game against Ajax.

Real Madrid will be fined €120,000.

Mourinho has been suspended from coaching activities for two UEFA matches, (the second is deferred for a probationary period of three years) he is also fined €40,000.

Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos were fined €20,000 and suspended for one UEFA match

Iker Casillas was fined €10,000

Jerzy Dudek was fined €5,000.

(Source: uefa.com)

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Sergio Ramos: “All my achievements have a special dedication to Puerta”

In an interview for Life is Soccer the international defender talks about his feelings after the world cup, challenges in life, Antonio Puerta and Jesus Navas, and what lies ahead in his career. 

Sergio, you have written history in our football by becoming the youngest player to reach 70 games with the Spanish team. What does that mean for you?

For me it’s incredible, I never imagined reaching that milestone and I expect to continue working to increase my track record. It is a tremendous pride to see everything I’ve achieved so far representing my country.

You’re a part of the best generation of footballers in the history of our country. We are speaking of a European and World Champion. There you have it.

Buff, I hear you and it makes my hair stand on the end, with time we’ll be aware of what we have achieved. It is thought and said very fast but it’s amazing what has been achieved with this group.

What is the moment that remains with you from everything that you have experienced with the selection?

I have many memories I will never forget but the moment we lifted the World Cup left me in a state of shock.

Read more …

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El Clásico round-up

Four days to go and what they have to say…

Xabi Alonso

“This Barca team is very good, and are still very good. In recent years they have won many titles, and we will fight hard to beat us because it will be crucial. The two matches, both at the Camp Nou and the return will be very important.

“However, there are many more points also to be played for, so the match will not be decisive, but the result will still be important for those with aspirations of the title. This team has great potential in attack, with great scoring ability. If we play well as a team, and are strong in attack and defence, that is the recipe to win at the Camp Nou.”

Sergio Ramos

“Barcelona are a team full of good players, such as Iniesta and Xavi, but if I could remove anyone, it would Lionel Messi.”

“The match at the Camp Nou will be very difficult. Both teams arrive here in great form and mood, and although this match seems like just three points, it is a very special match and I think this year we will win.”

Alvaro Arbeloa

 "It will be a clash between two of the best teams in the world, each with its own style and characteristics. Each has its own weapons and options. It’s hard to say which team is better. I side with mine, naturally, but things are very even as of today."

"We have no anti-Messi or anti-missile plans. I’d rather none of their 18 men played (laughs). They are a great team. Messi, Xavi, Pedro was phenomenal the other day… Barcelona are an enormously competitive team. They have quality players that make a difference. Seriously, I want all of their best men on the pitch on Monday. I am confident we can defeat the best Barcelona."

"Cristiano and Messi are currently the two most decisive men on either side, but it would be unfair on others to focus solely on them. There will be 20 more players on the pitch and all should be followed closely."


"It’s an important game and we’re favourites because we’re playing at home. We are in form and playing well. We respect Madrid a lot and will try to win the game.”


“We are all excited by el clasico. We come with confidence, we are playing well and hopefully we are able to take all the points at Camp Nou.

Gerard Pique

"These games are at 50%, no matter the form the teams arrive in. I think we are at a good level. The team has a lot of confidence and we are going to be at home. The conditions are optimal.” 

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Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos deliberate red cards

During Real Madrid’s 0-4 win against Ajax both Xabi and Sergio received red cards for time wasting. However the red cards clearly seem deliberate. [Watch the “staging” of the red cards here] 

Why deliberately get red cards? Well the red cards mean they can begin the knock out stage with a clean slate, if UEFA hand them only the mandatory one-match ban. But under article 5.1 of UEFA’s regulations dealing with loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship both players could be charged and have their suspensions extended.

However Del Bosque defended the two players: “I think the players did the right thing, as they had to think about future games. Perhaps the ‘staging’ was not ideal, and I do not know if it is unsportsmanlike, but they have to think about their future, and I think they acted correctly.”

What do you think of Mourinho’s strategy: Genius? Or just making a mockery of the beautiful game?

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Sergio Ramos nominated for Solidarity Award

Having collaborated in numerous initiatives to assist the less fortunate through sports, Sergio Ramos has been nominated for the second annual Solidarity in Sports Award.

Organized by the Fundacion SOS, the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Spanish Paralympic Committee, the awards are divided into three categories: the most supportive NGO, company and athlete. 

This year Sergio has been actively working - just to name a few- with UNICEF, MASSIVEGOOD, “Un Juguete, Una Ilusión" [A toy, one dream], and "Doce Meses, Doce Derechos" [Twelve Months, Twelve Rights].

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