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El Clásico round-up: two days to go

What their saying…

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero 

The PM predicted on Friday that Barcelona will crush Real Madrid 4-2. He said: "Barcelona caresses and cultivates the intelligence of football and converts it into something more than a physical contact sport. Sometimes it recalls a game of chess."

He also said he respected Real Madrid’s tough-talking Jose Mourinho, but in terms of personality he prefers Barcelona’s Catalan coach Pep Guardiola and that he prefers Leo Messi’s “dribbles” over the playing style of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gerard Pique

"You can’t say this game will decide the League title, but it is certainly very important. Maybe this season the distance between other teams has shortened but I’m sure that Barcelona and Real Madrid will be the two teams that fight for the League title till the end. Right now this is the best or one of the best games in the world. So it makes sense that there’s much talk about it.”

"Pep is a coach who likes to have everything completely under control, he wants everything to be tied, and not leave anything to chance. He prepares very well for matches, studies them to the maximum."

"Real Madrid have two years without winning anything and it’s logical to seek a shock, something new. They have a good coach, you can’t deny that. In England he succeeded, as he did in Inter. In his team, everything revolves around him. He is an incentive to try to keep winning. No doubt he has had a positive effect for Real Madrid, but he has inspired us, is an extra motivation.”

Carles Puyol

"Both Barça and Madrid are playing well and confidently, and have few injury concerns. We have the advantage of playing at home, but I still think it’s 50/50."

"Madrid are very strong in defence, they place themselves well. They have very fast players on the counter and they make all the difference. If you give them space, they are hard to control.”

“Nothing motivates us more. Madrid is always an important match… but the league will not be decided by this game”. 

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Busquets: “Figo was my hero”

“My father [Carlos] would take me into the changing rooms and I remember meeting players like Rivaldo and Figo. I see the current players bringing their kids and I always make a fuss of them because that was me not so long ago.

“Figo was my hero. Then he joined Real Madrid. It was impossible for him to be a hero anymore, but now that I’m a professional, I see things differently.”

“Players can’t really control where they go and they can’t control what a coach thinks of them or if a club wants to sell them…”

“There are many teams I’d prefer to join before I joined Real Madrid. Many. For me, a Catalan, who plays for Barca, for me to play in Madrid – that would be very difficult.”

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Press conference in Scotland

The day of the final in Glasgow in 2002 was a key moment in your career?
Casillas: I think I’ve said it many times. I replaced Cesar in the team and I was able to play 25 minutes. I was 21, and was lucky that everything went well. Then, for the [2002] World Cup, Santi Canizares also suffered an injury and that allowed me to be a starter in South Korea and Japan. It was a turning point in my career, so what happened in Scotland and later in the national team, was fortunate for me. 

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Busquets: “I’m not a star, just a team player”

"I don’t think I’m a star player or a media player, just a team player who tries to help his teammates."

This will define a player, who at 22 has won everything at club level and also with the selection. “I could not imagine a year like this, either at individual or collective”.

Playing his 100th game for Barcelona on Wednesday against Rubin Kazan: “I am proud to have played many games in so little time. I would like to reach 200 or 300 and go down in history for many matches and titles won.”

The board is considering to expand and improve his current contract which expires in 2013: "it’s up to the president and the technical secretary. I wish I could stay here for many more seasons to come." 

In the years he has played for Barcelona he has had to compete with Touré and now Mascherano: ”Mascherano is a very important player for the team but of course it takes time to understand this system because it’s so new to him.”

On Villa and his red card against Athletic Bilbao: “He will be a very important player for us. he fell in the rebellion but he knows that this is something that has nothing to do with his form. It was heated and has no importance.”

On the Champions League and Wembley: “we are not thinking about it. We must go step by step. Now we have to think about Wednesday’s game and everything else will come after that. We always do well and we should not change the way people think and act.”

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