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The Andalusian boys honored

Seville Football Federation honored the World Champions Sergio Ramos, Jesus Navas and Carlos Marchena (who couldn’t attend due to club commitments), by awarding them with a trophy and certificate each for fair play and World Cup achievements on Wednesday in Camas. During the ceremony Sergio was also named the favorite son of Camas.

Sergio Ramos: "I feel very proud. It’s always nice to come home and be with my family and friends and to receive an award like this is a huge honor which fills me with great pride. This is the place where I was born and grew up, I have lived through great moments and it’s great to be with my people and to see everybody happy and smiling, for me that’s priceless.”

Ironically, Sergio received the “fair play” award only 48 hours after this behavior, fresh from certain misconducts and totaling 10 red cards in 175 games. In the federations defense the ceremony was organized before any of these incidents took place and to recognize the players’ achievements in South Africa. 

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The Basque boys honored

Xabi Alonso, Fernando Llorente and Javi Martinez were honored in Vitoria by the Basque Parliament for their achievements with the Spanish national team last summer. The three world champions received the symbol of the Basque Parliament, the “Izaro” and they signed the guest book of the House and thanked the government for the emotional tribute.

watch the video of the tribute here.

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La Roja receives another award!

Yesterday Del Bosque and Iker Casillas represented La Roja in the AS Daily sports awards of 2010 and received an award for the success of Spain in the World Cup.

Del Bosque said that “receiving the AS daily, every morning in Potchestroom was a joy for all. The newspaper helped us to see how it was lived in Spain and was sometimes an extra motivation. It was a success for which we are all grateful.” 

Also he commented on the incident that happened between Sergio Ramos and Carles Puyol during el clásico; it can happen in any training session. These things stay in the field and will not affect Spain.

Iker thanked AS on behalf of his teammates but did not comment on el clásico. 

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Sergio Ramos nominated for Solidarity Award

Having collaborated in numerous initiatives to assist the less fortunate through sports, Sergio Ramos has been nominated for the second annual Solidarity in Sports Award.

Organized by the Fundacion SOS, the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Spanish Paralympic Committee, the awards are divided into three categories: the most supportive NGO, company and athlete. 

This year Sergio has been actively working - just to name a few- with UNICEF, MASSIVEGOOD, “Un Juguete, Una Ilusión" [A toy, one dream], and "Doce Meses, Doce Derechos" [Twelve Months, Twelve Rights].

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"It’s hard for us to lose like that"

Some views of the players on the Portugal friendly,

Fernando Llorente: “We’re worried about what happened in Argentina and what happened today. We played badly, we all lacked intensity. Portugal were superior and ready and intense. It was a painful day. We didn’t address the game as we had from the beginning. We haven’t played our usual game and in that sense, Portugal has surpassed us. It was difficult. We have tried, but today we had our day. It’s hard for us to lose like that.”

Santi Cazorla:  "The positive side is that it was a friendly. It’s clear that we can’t ignore the result as if nothing had happened. It’s always painful to lose with Spain, especially if you lose for four to zero. The coach hasn’t said anything. He will reflect on the game and is a man who knows how to keep calm. "

Carlos Marchena: “We have a great team and yet we have not been fine. We knew it was a against a strong and complicated team, but clearly we did not expect this result “

Cesc Fabregas: “We’re hurt. It’s been a big scoreline but we have to lift ourselves. We wanted to finish the year well but now we have to wait until February. It’s not been our best game but you also have to know how to lose. The truth is it’s a match where we can’t take anything positive. They played better than us, they had a lot of desire… Now we need to apologise to the fans and continue forward.”

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