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Ballon d’Or to Iniesta? and coach of the year to Del Bosque?

Italian newspaper Gazetta Dello Sport guarantees that Andrés Iniesta will win the Ballon d’Or, Xavi will be second and Messi third. As for the coaches, Del Bosque will win, Mourinho will be second and Pep will be third.

Gazetta dello Sport is not a 100% reliable source, although just a week ago, the same newspaper named the top three and they were proved right. 

However here are some thoughts from…

Andres Iniesta: “Beyond who will win the award on January 10, it will be an historic and unforgettable event. It’s great that three Barça players that have grown up through the ranks and were formed here should be up for these types of awards. It has an incalculable value.”

Iker Casillas: “I’m disappointed not to get into the finalists. They are great players and, in fairness, I hope Messi will understand, I opted for Xavi and Iniesta. Messi is the best in the world, but I prefer them.”

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Mata: “There are days when I miss him [David Villa] here”

Interesting interview with Juan Mata, he also talks about the World Cup, after the break!

Valencia have lost David Silva and David Villa this year. We saw Villa get two against Real Madrid in the Clásico last week. He was also top scorer at the World Cup. And he’s a fellow Asturian. Do you miss him? 

Yes. Not just in footballing terms but also in human ones. He is a very good friend and there are days when I miss him here.

Why isn’t anyone talking about him as a candidate for the Balon d’Or? 

Being realistic, if he hadn’t had such a good World Cup we wouldn’t have won the tournament. There were a lot of games in which his goals were the difference, they unblocked tight games – against Honduras, Portugal and Paraguay. That Paraguay game was huge. If it wasn’t for him, we might have drawn and then lost on penalties, or got caught and lost the game outright. And when he scored, when his shot went in off both posts, that was the moment that I thought maybe things were going to go our way – maybe we were going to win the World Cup after all. I think he was hugely important. For me, he should be a candidate. But I imagine the voters will look at his club season too. And Barcelona won the league.

Villa’s a mate. But who’s the nicest guy in football? 

Joaquín Sánchez … Joan Capdevila … and MC Pepe Reina!

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Cesc and Torres sends messages on their absence at Prince of Asturias


Cesc: ”It is a real honor to play for your country and this award is a enormous recognition. Unfortunately, Arsenal commitments prevent me from being there in person, but I would like to express my sincere gratitude to His Royal Highness the Prince of Asturias, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia, and of course to their Majesties the King Don Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. Without each and every one of them (teammates and staff), none of our achievements could have been possible. I sincerely hope that we continue giving the country the pride and happiness that we gave them last summer”

Torres"I want to thank His Royal Highness Don Felipe and the Jury Selection for awarding this wonderful recognition which fills us with pride. I hope this serves to sport in general and football in particular continue to grow in our country and maintain the highest standards and the great achievements of our athletes that have achieved in different sports. Since I’m unable to attend the ceremony, as a member of the Selection I want to pass my deepest appreciation and enthusiasm for receiving this award"

Torres didn’t get permission from Liverpool to attend the ceremony as he’s carrying out an intensive recovery program.

Juan Mata, explained his feelings of joy and pride at receiving the Prince of Asturias Award for Sports: "After having the opportunity to be among the 23 privileged people who enjoyed the wonderful experience of winning the World Cup in South Africa, receiving an award like this is another reason for joy, that rewards a historical event in Spanish football, and is also an award very important for any athlete. I feel tremendous joy and pride. Also, personally, for me I grew up in Oviedo and have experienced the atmosphere of the city during the awards ceremony many times, and it’s very special to be experiencing it firsthand. I still recall work done in school for the Prince of Asturias Awards, the Gesta 1, galas on TV… etc. I know from the memory of my childhood the importance of these awards, and the great work of the Prince of Asturias Foundation every year.”

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Mata: “It’s a beautiful game, you dream to play as a child”

 Even without Villa or Silva, Valencia is leading the League…   

 It’s clear that Villa and Silva were important to us, but the club has done well this summer and has been successful with the signings, the squad is very balanced and very confident.

Nine years ago when Manchester visiter the Mestalla stadium what were you doing?

Well I was 13, went to school and I talked with my friends in class (Carlos, Pablo, Jorge, Pelayo, Javi and Chapi, with which he went on vacation this summer because fame has not changed Mata) about Giggs, he was left handed like me and I noticed his movements.

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