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Xavi: “All that has happened in my career are beyond my dreams”

Xavi received the Premi Catalunya de l’Esport award for the best Catalan athlete on Monday. The new award, is the first edition of an award granted by the government as a tribute to the absolutely wonderful year Xavi had.

"It is a great honor to receive this trophy. Besides being the first to win it, I am very grateful for the recognition I have received. As a child, I dreamt of earning a living out of it and someday be able to play for Barça, but all that has happened in my career are beyond my dreams. It’s great." - Xavi

Xavi’s closest (of the past and present) praised the Ballon d’Or finalist,

Louis Van Gaal, former Barcelona coach: ”I’m very proud to have been your first coach. Your vision is privileged. I always tell my midfielders to notice your vision.”

Sandro Rossel, Barcelona President: ”Thank you for having been with us in moments of doubt. We are very proud of you.”

Lionel Messi: ”I congratulate you for this award and especially for the kind of person you are.”

Guillem Amor, Former Barça player: ”There have been great players here, but I think you’re the best midfielder in the history of Barça.”

Joan Vila, Former Barça player: ”The talent is innate, but you’re the essence of the game. No one understands the game as better as you do.”

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