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Difference between reposting and reblogging

Why is it that some people can’t understand the difference between reposting and reblogging someone else’s pictures?


I’ve constantly seen this happen but was silent until now, and I can’t take it anymore. Yesterday I posted that my pictures ended up in facebook, and then I realized through some of my followers that my pictures along with some exclusive pictures from some other tumblrs are being reposted by certain people. I won’t mention any names because I don’t want to stoop that low. But I know who you are. So those who think they can repost some of our exclusive/edited pictures and get away with it should know that we actually have some loyal followers whos got our back, and sooner or later we’ll realize who you are!

The thing is I don’t see the point of reposting when you can easily reblog a picture while staying classy and giving credit to people who deserve it. Some pictures are rare ones that we get through friends or actually spend alot of time searching, also some people actually pay for these pictures. 

Today I realized that even if the pictures are watermarked it won’t stop people from reposting them, which is quite ironical as it’s quite obvious the pictures belong to other people. It just deeply saddens me that people do this. To my followers, I’m warning you guys to beware of people like this, cause they could do the same thing to you. I’m asking you a simple thing, if you want to repost, thats fine, but don’t forget to still mention the original source or just simply reblog. Gracias!

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  6. animran said: preach ON! I’ve seen this happen w/ followers of mine who post GIFS & people will just right click/save & take credit for something that isn’t theirs. It’s not hard to REBLOG, lol hell that’s all I ever do. Kudos for saying something about it.
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